❝ CyberOne Robot To Be Released By Xiaomi ❞

Xiaomi” Introduced A Humanoid Robot Called “Cyber ​​One” At An Event.

Cyber ​​One is 177cm tall, weighs 52kg and its arms can stretch to 168cm. Body parts can rotate 21 degrees and can do many things quickly. And its Gestures and Expressions are made to closely resemble humans, and it can distinguish about 85 types of sounds in the environment, and it can distinguish Human Emotions just by looking at human gestures.

The main reason for showcasing the Cyber ​​One is not clearly stated, but it can be purchased cheaply for robotic enthusiasts and it can be predicted that it will compete with Tesla’s “Humanoid robots” that will be released later. And last year, Xiaomi introduced a robot dog called “Cyber ​​Dog”.

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