5 Countries In The World Where The Sun Doesn’t Set


There are 5 countries in the world where the sun does not set. When do people sleep where the sun never sets? It’s interesting to see what their lifestyle is like.

They also told me which of these countries they would most like to go to

Here are the countries that I entered

  • Norway
  • Canada
  • Iceland
  • Finland
  • Alaska




(1) Norway

Located within the Arctic Circle, Norway has 69 days without sun between May and June. That is why Norway is often called the city where the sun rises until midnight.



(2) Canada

Canada is a very cold country with snow and white all year round. In the summer, Northwest Canada has about 50 days without sun.



(3) Iceland

Iceland is one of the countries with the largest number of large islands. In Iceland, the sun does not set from about May 10th to July.



(4) Finland

Finland has thousands of lakes, It is a country with very dense forests. It is common to experience 73 days of no sun during the summer in Finland.



(5) Alaska

In the state of Alaska in the United States, the sun rarely sets from late May to late July. What’s more special is that in winter, there is no sunrise and only night time.

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