5 Things That Will Tell If The Engine Is Down

Engine failure holding the engine, loading the engine, Everyone has heard of “opening the engine up/down”. Why do they do it? In what situations is it necessary to do it? What parts of the engine do they do? We will discuss today.
We only have engine failure, Engine overhaul is called various things, but in English it is called Engine Overhaul. Holding the engine Taking down the engine is expensive and every mechanic can face it, so I present it as knowledge.

When do you need to do Engine Overhaul?

1. More engine wine

One of the problems faced by almost every engine owner is that the engine oil is increasing. I’ll keep the engine running, I will go to the engine room before the normal period of engine oil life is up. If your engine is running low, that’s a sign that your engine is failing. Engine oil normally has very little to lose if there are no leaks from engine components.

However, if there is no engine oil leakage, if the engine oil level is much lower than the set level, it is a sign that the engine is failing. So, the reason why the engine oil is increasing is because the piston rings installed on the pistons inside the engine are worn. Therefore, once the engine is in place, the part that must be replaced is the oil control rings. Oil control rings are called oil control rings by watt-hour experts, and they mainly do the job of controlling the oil that serves as a lubricant to make the pistons in the engine move up and down smoothly and not reach the combustion chamber. Those rings rub against the walls of the engine’s sleeve combustion chamber, called slip, for many years, and wear out when the engine has to go up and down.

Because of this wear and tear, he could no longer control the engine oil that he was supposed to control, and the engine oil went into the combustion chamber and started burning. That’s why the engine oil runs out, It’s just running low. After installing a new engine oil, the engine oil level is very low, and if you are holding a small liter bottle of engine oil and filling it with engine oil, it means that you need an engine oil soon.
(There are often other reasons that cause engine oil to decrease. For example, there is oil leakage from the tappet seal, and there is also oil leakage from the main oil seal, so you should make a decision to hold the engine or lower the engine after checking it carefully.)

2. The engine caught fire

Another thing that can tell if the engine is running is the engine smoke. Normally, if an engine is in good condition, it emits clear smoke. Not only that, but if there is a lot of gray smoke (black, black, blue, white) coming out, something is wrong with the car’s engine. Out of the many gray colors, the gray color that indicates engine failure is dark blue smoke. As mentioned above, the cause of the dark blue smoke is that the engine oil has caught fire in the engine compartment. Mainly because of the oil control rings, if the valve oil seals are not enough, If it wears out, the engine smokes. Such dark blue smoke is already coming out in a big stream, If the engine wine is already eating, it is definitely necessary to hold the engine.

3. Engine sound
Abnormal noises coming out of the engine compartment are also signs of engine failure. When the sounds of sound out of the engine, the Shin Teachers are thought to be a signal to the engine, and if these sounds come out of the engine, they have to get out of the engine with a part of the engine.
Especially the noises coming out from the impact of the bearings rubbing against the clay. The sound of the pistons sliding (sleeve) and hitting.
If such sounds are coming out, you definitely need to turn the engine down and hold the engine.

4. Bad engine torque
There are many reasons for bad engine torque. I have written before. However, there are some things that cause the engine torque to drop. You can make small repairs to the engine and make the torque normal, but if the oil and air compression in the main engine chamber (compression) has dropped, you can’t do small repairs anymore, and you have to take the engine down and repair the whole engine. This means that if you measure an engine with 4 cylinders, no. 1 cylinder has 120 Psi and no. 4 cylinder can only have 90. If the difference between the cylinder with the highest Psi and the cylinder with the lowest Psi is more than 10 Psi, then you can determine that the engine needs an engine overhaul.

The reason for the compression of this engine is that the compression rings of the piston wear out. The other is because the inner wall of the cylinder is eaten away by the sleeve walls.

5. Fuel consumption rates are increasing
Increasing fuel consumption is also one of the signs of engine failure. Fuel consumption also increased, If the torque drops, you can check for other diseases that cause oil consumption, and if the oil consumption increases significantly without other diseases, it means that your car engine has fallen. The reason why the fuel consumption increases is because the compression rings in the piston that compresses the air and oil mixture are bad. When the compression rings are bad, the oil and air mixture cannot be fully compressed, causing oil and air to leak out from between the rings.

Such a leak will get into the crankcase of the engine, and will cause fumes to blow through the engine valve gate. Especially in diesel engines, if the engine starts to fail, smoke will follow, as well as the already burnt smoke coming from the engine’s valve stem. You can clearly see the unburnt oil and air mixture being blown out.

Engine down, If you have the engine, the parts that will have to be repaired and replaced ………………………………

  • 1. Piston rings
  • 2. Bearings (if worn, must be replaced)
  • 3. Crankshaft (If it is worn, replace it with a new one if it is damaged)
  • 4. If the cylinder walls, such as the sleeves, are worn, slip bore injection, New slip writer
  • 5. Exchange of pistons, If the gudgeon pins connecting the piston and the connection rod are loose, replace them
  • 6. Engine head repair, Expensive engine parts such as valve seals, valve guides, etc. will have to be repaired in detail.

These are the points, friends, are the engines of the cars already down? Do you need to take down the entire engine and do an engine overhaul? Basic facts that can be known. By knowing and understanding these points, you can estimate whether your friend’s engine really needs an overhaul and avoid unnecessary engine maintenance.

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