Like in Reborn Rich, Song Joong Ki made multi-million dollar real estate investments as Jin Do Joon

In the drama Reborn Rich, Jin Do Joong’s main method of increasing his wealth, investing, must be said that an actor Song Joong Ki can also be implemented outside.

Rather than holding money that can fluctuate at any time depending on the economic situation, investing in land that will appreciate over time is a more certain way. Like Jin Do Joong, who used this method, Song Joong Ki is said to have turned much of his income into real estate.

On Dec 12th, iNews24 reported that the value of the house in Itaewon, owned by Song Joong Ki, doubled from the market price.

Song Joong Ki is 6,458 square feet
Ethelwan purchased the property in November 2016 for $7.65 million. In February 2020, after his marriage was announced as a divorce, it was rebuilt as a two-story building.

The property is now listed between $13.77 million and $15.3 million.

Song Joong Ki is currently living in Seoul, where one unit of land fetches $7.27 million. He lives in Nine One Hannam and has turned his earnings into real estate. The other two properties he owns are in Chong Dan and Huawei, which are known to have market prices of US$11.5 million and US$20.65 million, respectively.