A strange house on an island of Iceland

There is a house on an island off the coast of Iceland. The house is full of mysteries and is even called “the loneliest house in the world”. Many people will think of a movie when they see that house. I think you can imagine it as a horror story about a group of teenagers traveling to an island, finding a house and staying there and encountering danger.

The house is located on Ellidaey Island. There has been speculation about the house for years since pictures first surfaced. Some believed that the house was the creation of an eccentric billionaire who used it as an escape from tragedy. Some thought it was the home of hermits who vowed to live away from people. Some say that the Icelandic government built this house for the musician Bjork and gave it as a gift. There has also been speculation that the image of the house was cropped as the only house on the island before it was posted online.

In fact, this house is a colorful beak, a piece of white fur; It is a temporary shelter built by an association for those who catch half-black seabirds. Although seabirds are endangered, it is not illegal to catch them in Iceland. So the catchers built a lodge on the island so that they could have a place to sleep while catching their seabirds. So it is not known whether it is still in use.

Although there are no settlers on the island now, people lived on the island many years ago. The people who lived on that island caught sea birds, fishing, They lived by raising cattle. The last resident left the island in 1930. Since then, no one has been there.

The only house on the island was built in 1953 by the Ellidaey Hunting Association. That house is just a building on the island, and the internet, electricity There are no plumbing fixtures.