Fans demand for Moon Sang Min and Oh Ye Ju for the remake of ‘Princess Hours’ drama is rising

With the success of Under The Queen’s Umbrella, two rising stars, Moon Sang Min and Oh Ye Ju, have been loved by fans as an on-screen couple with great chemistry.

Therefore, the names of the two have been requested to be included in the casting vote for the actors who are suitable for the remake of the famous K-drama “Princess Hours”.

Following the success of 2006’s Princess Hours, the production team has announced that a remake is in the works for 2021. Therefore, among K-drama fans, they actively vote for those who are compatible. Matching screen couples They were asking for votes to choose the actors and actresses who would match, and after Under The Queen’s Umbrella, Moon Sang Min Oh Ye Ju’s name rose in demand again.

When Oh Ye Ju was asked about this in the farewell interview after “Under the Queen’s Umbrella” ended,

I saw a lot of fans talking about the remake of this popular romantic drama and how they wanted her to do it, but she honestly said that she had never seen the drama.

This drama is a popular drama from 2006, so I asked if Oh Ye Ju, who was born in 2004, is a historical story.

Although she is not familiar with ‘Princess Hours’, Song Nam-cheok commented that she was very surprised that so many fans were asking for a remake.