Bae In Hyuk revealed that he really wanted to play the role of Prince Seung Nam, but didn’t get the chance

Bae In Hyuk made a special guest appearance in the recently concluded tvN drama Under the Queen’s Umbrella.

Although he was a guest actor, in addition to his outstanding personality, he was able to capture the love of all the fans as the eldest son of the royal family, who was the queen’s mother’s dependable son.

In his interview, he talked about how he came to play this short but important role.

“Actually, I was going to play the role of Seung Nam (Moon Sang Min’s character). I met with the director several times about this matter,
but since I’m shooting for Cheer Up and the schedule is inconvenient, I’ve decided to focus on Cheer Up,” he said.

He also talked about how he had to choose between two dramas, Cheer Up and Under The Queen’s Umbrella, which made him a stronger fan base.

“But the director called me and told me about the role of the crown prince. If possible, he said he wanted me to participate and work with him, so I chose to participate as the crown prince,” he added.

It can be say that Bae In Hyuk made the right choices. Cheer Up was popular among young people, and under the queen’s umbrella as a guest, the main role of the front of the house was loved by the fans, so Bae In Hyuk was the one who took two roles and two places in the list of famous actors during the show.

Regarding working with the great actress Kim Hye Soo,

“She was one of the person I looked up to before I became an actor. I am proud to work with her son character. I really feel like a mother. When I arrived at the shooting scene, I was excited. I felt a lot more relaxed as she started to talk to me,” he shared.