Australia’s richest person randomly chose 10 workers to give $100,000 Christmas bonus

Gina Raihart, Australia’s richest person, randomly selected 10 workers to receive a $100,000 Christmas bonus each.

Billionaire Gina chose the names of 10 lucky workers at his Roy Hill mine out of a hat.

Gina told all Roy Hill workers last week to be ready for an important announcement. On Tuesday, an unnamed employee of Roy Hill, owned by Gina’s parent company Hancock Prospecting Group, called 6PR Radio to confirm the news.

The radio presenter said that the employee called 6PR Radio because he was a little disappointed because among those who were selected, there was a worker who had joined the job only 3 months ago. It is not mentioned who the lucky workers (10) are.

The Roy Hill mine in the Pebara region of Western Australia is Hancock Prospection Group’s largest asset. In the 2021-22 financial year, it made a profit of $3.2 billion.

Profit after tax is about 28 percent lower compared to the previous fiscal due to falling iron ore prices. Despite falling profits, Gina remains Australia’s richest man with Roy Hill mine, which exported 60 million tonnes of iron ore last financial year.

Gina is also the executive chairman of private company Hancock Prospecting, which owns 70 percent of Roy Hill Holdings. With an estimated fortune of $34 billion, he was No. 1 on this year’s Australian Financial Review Rich List.