A golden star Kim Seon Ho shines brighter after getting out of Scandal

On Dec 13, the Asia Artist Awards 2022 will be held in Japan. It was held at the hall in Nipponga, Nagora.

The award ceremony was attended by famous artists who were nominated for the award, and handsome actor Kim Seon Ho, who disappeared for a while in front of the audience, also attended. As fans, they were quite excited and waiting to see him.

In addition to the types of awards that fans can choose from, the Best Choice Award, Asia Celebrity Award Won 4 awards including IdolPlus Popularity Award and DCM Popularity Award.

On receiving the first DCM Popularity Award, Kim Seon Ho said, “Thank you to the fans who worked hard day and night to vote for me. I am very proud and happy because they love me. So I will try to repay the favor with better acting and work harder.”
Thank you for the award.

When I got the Idol Plus Popularity Award again, I just said thank you to the fans who gave me so much love.

“When I was preparing for a new project, I thought about the happiest time, and I think the happiest time was when I was acting.” support I believe that I will be able to return the favor with my best acting to everyone who has trusted me. The fans are the ones who made me happy, so I want to thank them again. So, I will continue to live a good life and work hard for the fans to stand as a good actor and a good person.”

He told his inner voice with a promise.