Lee Seung Gi decided to donate all the royalties he got back

Lee Seung Gi was exploited by Hook Entertainment for 18 years.

Not only he was not paid a penny of the profits from the album he was supposed to receive, but the agency also hurt him emotionally by calling him a “negative singer” who didn’t make any money.

For this, Lee Seung Gi opened up the case. The agency denied it at first, but after the evidence came out and it could not be denied, they had to admit it, and the actor’s artistic income, who had not been paid a single penny for 18 years, was paid on December 16.

After the agency announced that the payment had been made, Lee Seung Gi shared his thoughts via his Instagram.

“It’s my first time greeting. Hello, I’m Lee Seung Gi.

To tell the truth, I’ve never been in a bad situation.

This morning I received a message that 5 billion won (about 3.8 million US dollars) had arrived in my bank account. Hook Entertainment seems to think I did it legally just to get money.

I never got the open accounting I wanted. It seems that they are trying to unilaterally end this matter by saying that they have paid the unpaid artistic income.
[He wants to apologize with sincerity rather than get the money back]

Until now, I have been living without the knowledge of musical profits. For 18 years, I was called a “negative singer”.

The reason for suing Hook over this situation was not because of non-payment. Someone’s hard work and blood sweat should never be misused for their own greed. I think I did the best I could to end this matter.

I now have 5 billion won. I really don’t know how to calculate this amount. However, I have never understood Hook’s calculation method better. So I will continue to fight in court.

It will be a long and tiring fight. First of all, I would like to apologize for the people watching this matter.

But what I can promise is that no matter how much money I get back, I will donate it all.

From the 5 billion won that arrived today, minus the expenses
All the remaining money will be given to the public. This was not a decision I made in one day. Ever since I decided to fight back against Hook, I’ve decided to use all the money I get to help those in need.

The 5 billion won I received today is a very precious amount of money to me. My teenage life The sweat of every 20’s and 30’s age range. But if I can use this money for those who need it more than me, the value of the happiness I will feel will exceed 5 billion won.

Starting next week, I will meet with charity representatives and make plans. There are many people with physical disabilities who find it difficult to move. There are many people who have dreams, but because of difficult life circumstances, they have to give up their dreams in the middle of the road. There are people whose lives are in danger but who cannot receive appropriate treatment. This 5 billion won is not enough to help all such people, but I will help one step forward.

Many people supported my case. They were angry with me and comforted. I gained a lot of strength. Thank you to everyone who loves me. Count this love to help the society a little bit
I want to pay back.
May you have a warm holiday. I will continue to tread my path cautiously.”

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