Lee Jae Wook Revealed that there was a time when he was jealous because he wanted to make the scenes with him the most beautiful

In an interview with Elle magazine, Lee Jae Wook and Go Yoon Jung shared about their hookup compatibility in “Alchemy of Souls Season 2.”

First, when they met for the first time to shoot “Alchemy of Souls Part 2”, how they expected each other and talk about opinions.

Go Yoon Jung said that the first comment about Lee Jae Wook,

“I already knew he was a good actor, but in reality he’s even better than I imagined. At first, I was surprised by his mature manner. Later, I was surprised again by his love and cuteness.”

Lee Jae Wook also shared his opinion about Go Yoon Jung.

“Even for me, it’s not easy to portray Jang Wook’s character after three years. I think she would have had a more difficult time. Even so, she was the one who first contacted us to practice the script together. I admire her hard work.”

“Alchemy of Souls Season 2” is a fantasy magic story, but also contains action scenes. Therefore, when asked if there were scences they were satisfied with, they gave the same answer.

Go Yoon Jung said,

“We both have a lot of scenes. Both of our situations are similar, so we help each other.
Even if he shoots scenes with other actors and not with me, I’m curious to see if he’s doing his best.”

Lee Jae Wook also shared,
“We really built a connection between the two (of the scenes with the others).”
There were even times when I was jealous. I wanted the scenes we shot together to be the most beautiful and romantic in the drama. ”

The two commented on the chemistry they built.

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