BH Entertainment denied the dating news of actress Kim Go Eun and soccer player Son Heung Min

As people talk on Twitter, the dating news becomes more widespread in the online community.
On December 20, the actress Kim Go Eun’s agency BH Entertainment denied the news that actress Kim Go Eun and soccer player Son Heung Min are dating.

This rumor started to spread due to following case.

– The account that Kim Go Eun follows is Son Heung Min’s private account.

-In Kim Go Eun’s Instagram story, posting support for Korea in the World Cup.

– Seeing that Song Heung Min’s private account has liked pictures of the actress.

Internet users noticed these things and speculated that the two of them were secretly dating, and the rumor began to spread more and more.

In addition, the head of Kim Go Eun’s agency also added that he followed Son Heung Min and his Tottenham Hotspur team on Instagram.

As more and more people are talking about this, the agency side..

“The rumors that they are dating are not true. They have never seen each other outside. Kim Go Eun, as a Korean citizen, cheered for the World Cup.”

Immediately after the news broke, actress Jang Hui Ryoung posted a screenshot showing that the alleged account was actually her own account.
She said, “This is my personal account. Please stop trying to hack it.”

Son Heung-min is the captain of the Korean national team at the World Cup held in Qatar, and he is a golden star football player who has attracted people’s attention meanwhile Kim Go Eun is a famous actress.

Due to their popularity, although they never met outside, they were rumored to be dating.