Why Do South Koreans Only Eat One Bowl Of Rice When They Eat…?

If you sell it in shops, there is only one bowl of rice, which is just one serving. This is because Koreans value rice very much. There is no reason why one person cannot eat all the rice in this small bowl. Even if they eat ten such meals because they are very hungry, they will not complain. Their worry is that they will throw away the rice without finishing it.

South Koreans frown upon people who throw away rice. Winking means that Koreans don’t wink even if they commit a moderate sin. A person who has been squinted is a very angry and good-looking person. Therefore, Koreans are very worried that someone will stare at them.

I will talk about the reason why Koreans value rice. In 1945, Korea Independence from Japan. Under the Japanese rule, they lived a life of oppression and poverty. They eat boiled millet instead of rice. That’s why I still hate Japan. Korea was freed from Japanese rule on the 15th day of the 8th month of 1945, more than 2 years earlier than Myanmar, but the country was not completely peaceful.

Differences of opinion between the North and the South
In 1950, 5 years after independence, the war between North and South started. From 1950 to 1953, there were 3 consecutive wars between the two countries.From the very beginning, there was no plant growth in the winter.

I don’t look at these anymore. We also have rice in Myanmar
Helped tens of thousands. Therefore, when flags are raised on Korea’s Independence Day, Myanmar’s flag is also set up as the benefactor country.

As the entire country has experienced famine, Koreans know the value of a single meal of rice even more. Now, we have been able to export rice to foreign countries with good technology that expands agricultural land and increases output. But they are a meal
They don’t forget the value of a grain of rice.
They manage it so that it does not go to waste. These are examples.

We in Myanmar are rich in rice and rice, and they don’t want to value it too much because they are rich in agricultural land and rice. If you put more rice than you need in a large rice bowl, if you don’t finish it, they easily throw it away, whether it’s children or adults…

A Korean once said that every time we see these small rice bowls, we feel an indomitable desire to try.

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