Lee Sung Min is praised by many people that he should win the highest Daesang award with Reborn Rich

Lee Sung Min is one of the key masters of the drama Reborn Rich, has been receiving a lot of praise from many fans for his acting, and the demand is rising that he should receive the highest Daesang award for 2022 at a big award ceremony like Baeksang.

The Baeksang Awards is one of the most prestigious awards in the Korean art world, and it is different from the awards held on television. For the award, the screenplay is selected from all the dramas that have been shown on various television channels throughout the year, so the competition is tougher and it is quite difficult to enter the screenplay.

More and more people are commenting that Lee Sung Min should be given the highest award of this big award.

Jin Yang Chal, a businessman who founded Son Yang. A person who is shouldering a major conglomerate in Korea, if necessary, abandon it, even if it is a family member. It should be done trampling, even if it is an enemy, hand in hand, He was the one who stood in Son Yoon’s place for many years with the conviction that he would be a real businessman if he worked hard and used various methods to calculate profits.

In his absence, he hoped that among the family members who would succeed him, he would have a business mind like his, but the family members were only children who only wanted to be masters and did not understand the real business.

Fortunately, the youngest grandson, Jin Do-joon, has the same business outlook as him, and dares to challenge someone like him. He is the only one who dares to compete.

So, the grandson was chosen as the person to deal with, but after suffering from a delusional disease, Jin Yangchu’s appearance, who was tough under one roof, became powerless like a pitiful child.

In the business field, grandchild and grandfather compete like competitors, but the bond of love is strong. Seeing his grandson’s kindness towards him, Jin Yanchoo could fail to carry Sun Yang on his shoulders if only this was present, so he did not give his beloved grandson a penny of inheritance when he died, and pushed him into hardships.

The old age of such a tough and terrible businessman. An incomprehensible grandfather who taught his beloved grandson even through his death;
Lee Sang Min portrayed a character that is gentle on one side and cruel on the other.

So many fans..
“Just give him Daesang.”

“He is the most deserving of this year’s Daesang award.”

“If you don’t give it to him, who will you give it to? Look at the acting, I’m totally confused..”

“He has to get Daesang.”

“I just put his name together with Daesang.”

praised with many comments.

Before Reborn Rich, Lee Sung Min famous dramas like Misaeng and Memory, he played the main roles and won major awards, he is a veteran actor who is respected by many in Korea.

Reborn Rich is the drama that gave Lee Sung Min another crown of success.