Why Aren’t Birds Sent Into The Space?

Before humans went into space in the 1940s, animals were first sent into space to test conditions that humans could not go to. Reptiles mammals We have sent all kinds of species into space, from insects to aquatic animals. All of these creatures were comfortable going into space without any major problems. When their experiments were successful, humans were able to accompany them into the space.

We have sent all kinds of creatures into space, but strangely we have not been able to send birds into space. I have sent birds to test it, but it didn’t work.That is why?

First, birds need air to flap their wings and fly. When the bird starts to fly, it uses its wings to beat the wind and gain speed and fly up into the sky. When they get to the rain, they flap their wings so they can continue to fly. When they come back down, they have to beat the air with their wings to reduce their speed. So, the process of flying requires wind. But there is absolutely no air in space. Birds can’t fly in the vacuum of space, so space is impossible for most birds that can’t live without flying.

The second thing is that birds cannot eat in space. Why? Because unlike other animals, they need gravity to digest food. Because birds swallow their food without chewing, their throats are large in diameter. They need gravity to get their food down their throats and digested in their stomachs. Because they don’t have teeth in their mouths like other animals, they only have to digest food in their stomachs.

If you have to give a visual example, say a person. The teeth in the human mouth crush food and turn it into fragments. Also, the throat’s job is to transport the fragmented food from the throat to the stomach from all directions. The bird has no teeth to chew the large lump of food, swallows it straight from the throat to the stomach, and then chews the food when it reaches the stomach. So they need gravity to move food from the throat to the stomach. The throat function of other animals is different.

Therefore, if you go to the space field, which is a level free from the world’s gravity, the birds will not eat anymore. This is because without gravity, it is impossible for birds to swallow food through their throats.