Lee Jaewook and Go Yoonjung captured the audience with their chemistry

Recently, the topic of discussion among ‘Alchemy of Souls’ drama fans is Lee Jae Wook and Go Yoon Jung’s cute Instagram updates.

On December 21st, Go Yon Jung shared some cute pictures of her laughing and playing with Lee Jae uk on Instagram.

Unreleased scene images do not have advance permission, so the images she posted did not appear to be scenes. Fans are already delighted by the photos, but they are even more delighted by the cute comments between the two.

Lee Jaewook: Are you posting too much? (meaning more pictures)
Go Yoonjung: emoji

Lee Jaewook: Cute.

Mutual comments were made under Go Yoon Jung’s post.

Again, on December 23, Lee Jaewook shared a couple of pictures of him and Go Yoonjung, and we saw lots of lovely comments.

Go Yoonjung: I’ve never been as tall as you.

Lee Jaewook: I know. So we still had to shoot from another angle. So don’t you look a little cranky now?

After seeing the photos and the comments, the fans..

“OMO my ship has totally sailed!”

“God must make them a couple in real life.”

“My boy.. he was dating outside while working ”

“There are people sailing on the ship, hey..”

“He said so cute, I’m crying.”

Many lovely comments and matching comments were returned.

Alchemy of Souls Part 2 had many challenges with the question of whether it would continue to appeal due to the change in cast. This challenge was a bigger responsibility for Lee Jae Wook and Go Yoon Jung, who played the leads.

At present, both actors have been able to change the audience’s opinion with their lovely images, and it must be said that they are being recognized as a couple who have chemistry on the outside because they have fulfilled their roles.