Weightlifter Cho Hye Jung reappeared with a completely changed appearance after losing weight

Actress Cho Hye Jung, who played the role of weightlifter Jung Nam Hee in the popular drama ‘Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bokjoo’ in 2016-2017, shared pictures of her slim figure on her Instagram on December 27. I haven’t written anything about the caption.

Five years after the story of the weightlifter, she has attracted special attention from fans for her new profile picture, which is completely different.

After sharing her new picture, the actress deleted all her previous Instagram posts. It is believed that this is her first step to start her artistic journey in a new way.

When she came to the Happy Together program, she revealed that she was distressed by the way she gradually gained weight because the director asked her to eat a lot instead because she needed to figure out the character while shooting ‘Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bokjoo’.

“How can I like a fat look? I made a story to lose weight. However, there are too many delicious foods.”

She said that she tried to lose weight, but she never succeeded.
Now it has been successful and has reappeared with a beautiful and slender figure.

She disappeared from the entertainment world for a while, and when she reappeared, she totally surprised the fans.