❝ Why Are The Planets Round ❞

The Reason The Planets Are Round

▪️It is known that all the planets, including the Earth, are spherical in shape. So, have you ever wondered why the planets are spherical and not any other shape?
▪️This happens because the gravitational force of the planets pulls equally from the center to the circumference. People know this attraction as Gravity.
▪️Gravity is thought by some to be the pull of the earth. Actually, Gravity is not only in the world. Everything mass has gravity.
▪️ Planets are gases from space, It is caused by the accumulation of dust and other things. When this clustering is done, the planets will be perfectly round because they will be centered from the sides to the center due to gravity.
▪️But not all planets are perfectly round. You can see that some planets are oval rather than ball-shaped, like sitting on a deflated ball.
▪️This is due to centrifugal force. According to the centripetal force, it wants to move away from the center, but when the pull pulls, it can’t come out completely, it can’t stick to it, and it becomes an illusion of an oval.
▪️ Asteroids are small in size and have low gravity, so they cannot overcome internal electrostatic forces and are not spherical like planets.
▪️To form a round shape like the planets, it needs to have a diameter of at least 600 km. Asteroids range from 100 meters in diameter to a few hundred kilometers, so they are not perfectly round.