The Birth Flower Of September, Morning Glory

The Beautiful Morning Glory Flower

His Burmese name is Khao Kryo Ooji or Kandon Ooji. It’s a kind of Kantong. This flower, called Morning Glory, is mistaken for the moss rose, which is called the ten o’clock flower in Myanmar.

It grows in cold regions and its seeds are often poisonous. If you see purple flowers, don’t drink them in green tea, thinking they are Aung Me Nyo flowers. Because it is poisonous. (The shape of the flower is not the same, Aung Me Nyo, but the morning glory looks good with the Kandian flower.)

Morning glory often blooms early in the morning and fades in the afternoon. The next morning it opened again. That’s why its meaning comes with the meaning of survival and death. 0 cycle. survive, died It came alive again… like that.

Some Christians believe that morning glory’s lifespan is similar to that of humans because of its short lifespan. That’s why I should contribute to the world in some way while still flourishing.

They say Morning Glory is a flower associated with love. In the Victorian era, its meaning was “love, (or) morality;
dearer, “Love that never dies” is also said. In Japan, it means “love, purity” and is a gift given to lovers.

In China, “restricted love”. And the symbol of lovers who meet every year. There is a Chinese folk tale. The two youths neglected their responsibilities and fell madly in love, so the heavens were angry and separated them on opposite sides of the river.

And only allowed to see once a year.The morning glory’s slowly growing plant form is reminiscent of the yearning of two lovers.

It is the birth flower of September and also the flower of the 11th wedding anniversary. It can also be given the meaning of saying, “Be strong for those who follow their dreams.”

There is another Chinese story about morning glory. A long time ago, there was a painter named Hua Gong. He is good at painting and his wife is also very beautiful. But Wang, who was jealous of Hua Gong, took Hua Gong’s wife hostage for no reason. And forced to paint for him. When Hua Gong didn’t listen any more, Hua Gong’s wife was imprisoned on the top of the royal tower.

So a man named Hua Kong, who never saw his wife again, drew a picture and buried it at the bottom of the tower where his wife was captured, and died there. The poor wife, who did not know that her husband had died, dreams every day.

In the dream, Hua Kong spoke to him.
“My dear wife, are you happy that you are sleeping well? I come to see you every night. But you are asleep, so I can’t speak for sure. In the morning, I can’t say anything I want to say, so I have to go back. If I want to see you, I have to wait another night.” that.

His wife, who had been having similar dreams, wanted to know, and when she looked down, she only saw flowers blooming. That flower is morning glory. It opens in the morning and withers at night. It blooms until winter.