iCloud Features

What Is Mean iCloud? Want To Features Know Its ?

If we are already using an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, we should know iCloud as an OS user

That way, you will know how what you are using works and what the differences are with other brands… Apple uses various methods to get users into its ecosystem and makes it convenient for every device just by having an iCloud account… iCloud works the same way on iPhone, iPad, Mac…

Every user of our OS has an Apple ID… iCloud account is the same as Apple ID. Roughly, Apple ID is used to download games and applications from the App Store.

I will tell you about its features that are often used

iCloud Photos
If you leave iCloud Photo (ON), the photos and videos from your device will automatically be uploaded to iCloud when you are connected to wifi (it’s like a backup, but it’s just photos that are being backed up)… Whether you edit or delete on your phone, iCloud will automatically do the same as on your phone… Also, your photos from other Apple devices. You must see the video

If you have a lot of memorable photos and videos on your phone, you should turn it on… If you turn it on, you need to buy iCloud Storage… the 5GB provided by the original is not enough. If you set iCloud Photo (ON), the next good thing is that in addition to the backup, the Photo in the phone. The problem of storage full due to videos will be solved… If you want to do that, just select Optimize iPhone Storage in the settings… That’s why I don’t need to buy an iPhone with a lot of storage.

Mails, Calendars, Notes, Contacts, Reminders, and Messages are also backed up if you turn them on, and you don’t need to keep track of contacts and notes on other Apple devices.

iCloud Drive
This is clear… It’s the same as Google Drive and One Drive… You can save any file you want to save on Drive and download it to any device you like.

Backup in iCloud
That is, the whole phone is backed up… If you turn it ON, it will be backed up while it is connected to wifi, and if the phone is lost or broken, when you buy a new one and restore it, it will be back to the original phone…

If you turn it ON, you will remember the account passwords of the applications you use, and you won’t have to retype the login password on any Apple device.

iCloud Storage
Currently, everyone has 5GB free storage… 5GB is fine to use iCloud drive to backup Mails, Calendars, Notes, Contacts, Reminders, Messages, and Safari… If you want to use iCloud Photo, it will be convenient to increase the storage… The storage plan can be increased to 50GB, 200GB, 2TB… For photos, 50GB is fine ( It’s only 0.99$ per month, so it’s not bad.) If you have 200GB, you can use family sharing (family sharing will be too long, so I will explain it in detail in the next post)

Find My iPhone
If you leave it ON, if you lose your phone, you can easily find it from another device (I’ll do a video on how to do it step-by-step).

The last important thing is to remember your Apple ID and password after signing in to iCloud.

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