Winter And Depression ================================

When it’s winter, most people stare out the window in the chilly air, as if longing for something. depressed, Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a common mental health problem, and it is more common in the rainy season and winter.

His symptoms are;

· Lying in bed crying all day
· Once happy, Losing interest in things that used to be a hobby
· Feeling exhausted and sluggish at the end of the day
· Sleeping often
· Sweetener Craving more starches
· Eating too much food
· Lack of concentration
· Staring at a distant place
· No desire to live, Feelings of fear of tomorrow may come.

People who are depressed because of this kind of climate are those who have pre-existing depression or depression. People with bipolar disorder also often see this problem. Normally, the weather is cold and rainy. When the winter starts, the symptoms start, As time passes, the pain gets worse. The weather has completely changed and spring, It’s only when summer comes that you may find that your mood returns to normal or that you become overly active.

Heredity people with mental health problems Vitamin D deficiency is common in people with this problem, and you should be aware that it can affect not only your social status, but also your health and weight. If you are experiencing this problem regularly, it would be best to see a knowledgeable psychiatrist.

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