“Many people ask the secret of Yoon Jin’s green shoes” – Kim Eun Sook

In the commentary video of The Glory released on January 6th,
The Glory’s writer Kim Eun Sook talked about the green shoes worn by Lim Ji Yeon in the story.

Every episode of The Glory is interesting and has hidden plot points, so fans are also interested in the meaning of the green shoes worn by Yoon Jin in the story.

Because this shoe is similar to Yoon Jin’s friend Choi Hae Jung, and because of the scene where Yoon Jin’s daughter Ye So Yoo wears it, the fans who were more convinced that the shoes have a secret, often contacted the writer.

Writer Kim Eun Sook said, “I chose green shoes to add details about being color blind of ye sol. Red is too common.”

“However, many people have been asking the reason behind these green shoes. All the writers write are not secrets,” she answered with a laugh.