“Seung Ho and Me created everything on purpose, I want to win the couple award with him” – Lee Jae Wook

After the beautiful conclusion of the drama Alchemy of Souls, another popular work of the Hong Sisters, actor Lee Jae Wook shared the story behind the story in an interview with Xportsnews.

First, Lee Jae Wook said, “I’m happy that the project that we spent a year filming has ended well. Thank you to all the viewers who watched ‘Alchemy of Souls’,” he said in farewell.

“Alchemy of Souls” is a domestic, It was a drama that was popular abroad, and it was a drama that increased the success and fame of those who participated. When asked why do you think it is so popular both domestically and abroad, Lee Jae Wook answered that because the writers, directors, actors and creators all have a close relationship.

“Both Seung-ho and In-soo have different charms. It’s been fun and rewarding to create with a group of people like that. They’re passionate people, so I’ve learned a lot.”

When the reporter asked who he wanted to win the Best Couple award, it was Lee Jae Wook
answered that Shin Seung-ho, and said that all of their funny scenes were deliberately created together to be romantic.

“From the beginning to the end, the scenes with Seung Ho were all deliberately created. That’s the ability to match the character and the situation so as not to deviate from the story. Seung Ho is an incredible actor in this role.” He said, so he shared that he wanted to win the couple award, which was deliberately created with Shin Seung Ho.