The facts you should know about the Island drama

The Island series is an adaptation of the Island webtoon. Island was created as a manhwa by writer Yoon In-wan and illustrator Yang Kyung-Il in 1997.
It received a lot of strong criticism. A few years later, it was distributed as a webtoon. (A webtoon is a comic that can be read online either by visiting a website or downloading an app.)

Once heavily criticized, Island is now one of the most popular webtoon with over 700,000 viewers, and the live-action remake of Island series has also received good response.
It is said that Kim Nam Gil plays the role of Van, was a big fan of Island.

2. When Kim Nam Gil was offered the Island, he turned it down twice.

Although he is a big fan of Island, he said that he turned down the offer because he was afraid that it would disappoint the fans when it was remade as a drama.

Cha Eun Woo, eager to take on the role of Father, told him to do together. After that, when he auditioned for the role, he immersed himself in the character and took part as Van.