Among actresses 20s, Moon Ga Young successfully challenged the melo drama.

Actress Moon Ga Young starring in the ongoing drama “The Interest of Love” as Ahn Soo Young, a bank employee who is hesitant to touch love despite the difficulties in life.

Ahn Soo-young’s role is completely different from the previous roles she acted, and it is a new style for her.

Her previous dramas, such as “Find Me in Your Memory” and “True Beauty”, she portrayed characters with age-appropriate looks, bright and active characters.

In “The Interest of Love”, it is difficult to see her smile. The death of his brother, disagreements with her father, the disappointment from her mother affected Ahn Soo-young’s love life.

It is very difficult to get the audience to understand her character’s emotions. Even actresses 30s of age are often challenged after careful preparation, Moon Ga Young challenged this role successfully.