Alchemy of Souls was also filmed a Sad Ending, but ends with a Happy Ending

After Alchemy of Souls part 2 came to a beautiful conclusion, the original ending of the story continues to emerge.
It is said that the ending was written as a sad ending.

After the end of the drama, Lee Jae Wook said in an interview.

As for Lee Jae Wook, before the final episode of “Alchemy of Souls” airs, will the ending be a happy ending?, or will it be a sad ending?. He told that he had never known himself.

“All the actors involved in the drama had to shoot different endings. So, whether “Alchemy of Souls” will end as a fun one or as a melancholic ending? It was difficult for me to predict.
From the last episode, Jang Wook finally got the happy ending he deserved. I was quite relieved to see the finale. ”

The Hong sisters, who usually write sad endings, prepared various endings for Alchemy of Souls, and then surprised the audience with a happy ending.

So, on the day the drama ended, “Hong Sisters” was filled with posts from fans that trended on social media all over the world.

It can be said that Alchemy of Souls is a unique work among the stories of the Hong sisters, who have a beautiful blend of strange characters and romance, such as Hwayugi, The Master’s Sun, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, and Hotel Deluna.