Park Bo Gum volunteered
by carring coal himself.

On January 18, artist Sean shared pictures of Park Bo Gum doing volunteer work with him through his channel.

Sean, Park Bo Gum and Yoon Se Ah are personally transporting coal to mountain suburbs that need heating in this cold winter.

Sean revealed,

“Sean × Park Bo Gum and Yoon Se Ah ,we volunteered to carry coal. Yoon Se Ah carried about 10 blocks of coal on her back and went up and down the mountain without stopping. Bo Gum is the one who can easily carry up to 15 blocks of coal at a time. In Korea, to reach the temperature about 1 degree, and we are doing it together.”

In the photo, Park Bo Gum, carrying a full block of coal, was tirelessly walking up and down the mountain.
His smiling face is sure to be warmer than the heat from coal.

Park Bo Gum is an actor with a good image who has been named “Nation’s Prince” because he has a kind and friendly character.

The actor recently parted ways with the Blossom agency, which he had been with for several years. Among the many agencies that wanted to sign him, YG was at the top. Because Sean is an artist from YG, there were reports that Park Bo Gum, who is close to Sean, signed a contract with YG, but YG confirmed that it was not.

As Park Bo Gum surrounded by companies who want to call him, but currently he is working as a freelancer and actively participating in volunteer work.