“If I have to be reborn,
I want to be someone else, not Song Hye Kyo” – Elle interview

On January 18, Elle Korea’s official YouTube channel uploaded an interview video with February magazine cover actress Song Hye Kyo.

In the interview, Song Hye Kyo answered questions.

In the video, she wears a beautiful dress, fresh make-up look, and is still pink and youthful, despite the fact that she is 41 years old.

During the question-and-answer session, Song Hye Kyo also talked about how she relieves stress.

“Almost all of my friends have puppies; So we like to relax with puppies. We drink wine, talked and relaxed by thinking about fun. As I get older, I don’t like noisy places anymore.”

When asked, “If you were to be reborn, would you want to be born as Song Hye Kyo?”, she immediately answered, “No.”

The reason is, “I have already lived once as Song Hye Kyo, so I want to be reborn as a different person.”

Song Hye Kyo, who is ready to face these different things, is able to play various characters that are not Song Hye Kyo at the same time, so every character of hers is iconic.

She was also the first to answer the question of which character she liked the most out of all the characters she had filmed. I like all of them, but currently, Moon Dong-un from “The Glory” is the most stuck in my mind and it’s hard to get it out.