Kim Nam Gil played an unusual role in The Fiery Priest

Actor Kim Nam Gil recently caught the attention of fans with the series Island, is recognized for his excellent acting quality. If you look back at the dramas he once acted in, you will see his extraordinary acting style. He is the one who often surprises the audience with his unique characters.

After his comeback with Island, the drama that has been talked about among fans who are digging up his previous dramas for “The Fiery Priest”, which is a detective comedy drama that aired on SBS in 2019.

This drama is a background detective comedy that investigates the unusual actions and cases of a priest character that has nothing to do with detective work.

Kim Nam Gil will be seen as an angry priest who can’t help but look at injustice when he sees it. Before becoming a priest, you will see a never-before-seen priest who used to use any means to solve a case.

After this priest and undercover detective Goo Dae Young (Kim Sung Kyun) get together, you will watch the events that will make you laugh out loud as you follow the cases.

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