Kim Seon Ho’s Fan Meeting

At the fan meeting, Kim Seon Ho couldn’t help but laugh because of a fan who came on stage with a wedding dress.

Actor Kim Seon Ho has become a hot topic online due to his fan meeting held in Manila, Philippines.
In addition, the incident with a Filipino audience member who came to the event with a wedding dress is once again going viral as a joke.

As fans, it is not easy to find their favorite actors and actresses out there. So, if you have the opportunity to meet them, you want to make them memorable in a unique way.

Kim Seon Ho, who won the love of the fans with Start Up, is getting more love with the leading roles. He always captured the hearts of the fans with his external personality.

In the past years, it was difficult for him because of Scandal, but he was able to stand up again. His good personality helped him overcome the difficulties.

The actor’s fan support is still strong. On December 22nd, he held a packed fan meeting in Manila. A lot of memorable moments happened between him and the Filipino fans, and it was seen that he couldn’t help but laugh when a fan showed up in a wedding dress.

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