A Romantic Scene From Crash Course in Romance

A romatic scene from the drama Crash Course in Romance

tvN’s Crash Course in Romance drama is said to be getting more and more popular among fans. A funny and unique scene in episode 3 also went viral.

“Crash Course in Romance” is about Nam Hye-son (Jeon Do Yeon), a mother who takes care of her niece like a daughter.
and a famous math teacher Choi Ji-ryu (Jung Kyung Ho) is a story of meeting and encountering funny events.

Since the first part, the two main protagonists, the mistakes between them, the jokes and funny moments made the viewers laugh.

In addition to Nam Hye-son and Choi Ji-ru, the story of one of the main characters, Nam Hye-e, who is Nam Hye-sun’s adopted daughter, has also received attention.

In episode 3, Nam Hye Yi accidentally slipped and fell down the stairs while joking with her friends.

Fortunately, a savior boy appeared at that moment and “saved” her from falling to the ground. But instead of catching him with his hands like in other K-dramas, the boy supported her with his long legs and caught her, which made viewers laugh.
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