Jung Kyung Ho and Choi Sooyoung

Crash Course in Romance, broadcast by tvN, is quickly becoming popular among fans.

Although this drama is light-hearted and humorous, it is a drama that can clearly show the human nature that is common in human society.

One of the main protagonists of the story, Choi Chi yeol, a famous math teacher, is picky and precise but kind.
Jung Kyung Ho’s portrayal of the character is pleasing to fans.

Fans who know about actor Jung Kyung Ho and Girls’ Generation member Sooyoung’s strong 10-year relationship also noticed a scene in the drama.

In one scene, the character Choi Chi-yeol (Jung Kyung Ho) is searching through online posts and reading what people have gossiped about him. In one post, there was a picture of him and his puppy with the caption, “Chujeol dog.”

The dog in the picture is not someone else’s, but the dog that the actor and Sooyoung gave birth to. The two of them, who are often photographed with this dog, were noticed by the audience just by seeing them briefly in the scene.

Jung Kyung Ho said in an interview that this dog was born together with their lovers and named ‘Ho-young’ after both of them.

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