Kim Young Dae ,Park Ju Hyun & Kim Woo Seok

“The Forbidden Marriage” Casts Pick Their Favorite Scenes

Making the audience laugh and happy,
The final ep of the drama “Forbidden Marriage” aired on January 21.

After the final ep, the main actors, Kim Young Dae, Park Ju Hyun and Kim Woo Seok shared comments about the drama and chose favorite scenes.

Park Ju Hyun chose the scene where Soran was summoned by the queen to reveal the truth of Soran’s life.

“After going through such a difficult journey, I feel the solemnity of Soran walking in a wedding dress.

Because of Soran’s character, I got a lot of fans. I hope this story will make everyone laugh and have fun.”

For Kim Young Dae, he chose ep 3.

Kim Woo Seok chose his sad scene with Soran from episode 8.

“Therefore, I will hide this feeling very well. ”

“I think these words suit Shinwon very well and are the words that best describe his situation. He tried his best to capture this role. I hope fans don’t forget after the episode is over.”

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