Kim Yoo Jung Supported Jung So Min

Kim Yoo Jung supported Jung So Min, who was first presented as Shakespeare’s girlfriend Viola

On Jan 28th, the play “Shakespeare in Love” was first performed at the CJ Towol Theater.

The play is a remake of the 1998 Western movie of the same name.

The play is written by the famous writer William Shakespeare who wrote Romero and Juliet.

The story is the love story of a young playwright named William Shakespeare. It is a story about Shakespeare’s girlfriend named Voiola who came to the auditions dressed as a boy because she wanted to be a theater actress, and they met and fell in love. Voiola, the daughter of a merchant family, is ambitious. It’s an interesting love story.

The play will be presented from January 28 to March 26. Jung Moon Sung, Lee Sang Yi and Kim Sung Cheol take turns as Shakespeare.
Jung So Min, Kim Yoo Jung and Chae Soo Bin will take turns as Viola.

At the first performance on January 28th, Jung So Min and Jung Moon Sung performed together for the first.

So, for Jung So Min’s performance, Kim Yoo Jung supported Jung So Min by posting it on her story with the text, “The main character of the first performance has appeared today.”

In the following days, Kim Yoo Jung will also be seen as Viola.

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