Seo Woo-jin, a child actor who is 7 years old but has managed to retain the success and love of fans.

Child actor Seo Woo-jin is the most popular child star on the K-drama screen. It can show attractive images regardless of the child’s age, and the cute and white round face is the key to getting the love and support of all the fans who see it.

Seo Woo-jin born in July 2015, appeared on K-drama screens at the age of 2 in the drama Confession Couple. He was a child who caught the eye of directors, and after that, he continued to appear in dramas. She was successful as a child model and a silver star until he did commercials.

He has won the Best Child Actor award at the KBS Drama Award 2021, as well as the Child Star award at the Asia Model Award, due to his good acting skills despite his age.

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