Unlike the rumors, Lee Da In received love from Lee Seung Gi’s mother

On Feb 7th, Lee Seung Gi announced the news of his marriage via Instagram.

“I’m getting married to Lee Da In on April 7th. I want to be by her side for the rest of my life. Even if we faces difficulties in life, w’ll always be together.”

The audience supported the actor’s attitude.

After this post and official announcement of their status, actor Lee Seung Gi followed Lee Da In’s Instagram account.

After news of the actor’s wedding broke, on Feb 8th, News1 shared an interview with Lee Seung Gi’s mother.

In an interview, Lee Seung Gi’s mother opened up about her feelings for Lee Da In.

“Da In has respect for the elderly. The way she treats her with respect caught my attention. She is friendly and charming.”

“I’m also very happy to see she always supporting Seung Gi from the sidelines. I don’t even want to ask for more from him.”

According to former journalist Lee Jin Ho, Lee Seung Gi was very supportive of Lee Da In during her difficult times due to her family problems (her father’s case).

It is believed that they decided to get married amid the bond that grew stronger through mutual support.

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