After working hard all day, when it’s time to go home, I feel perfect – Hyun Bin

Recently, a fashion magazine published an interview with Hyun Bin online, in which actor Hyun Bin shared some feelings about his family life.

First, he talks about his recent artistic activities.

The interviewer looked at Hyun Bin’s softer look and warm face than before, and quickly cut off a question.

“Your eye color has changed.”

Hyun Bin laughed and continued.

“Yes, the changes in life have changed me completely. I’ve learned to see and understand things I couldn’t see before. I’ve learned to think more and be happier.”

“Coming home from work feels complete. Honestly, it’s a time when I feel completely satisfied from all the hard work of the day. There are no words to describe what that feeling is like.”

He expressed that he was happy with the family life he was going through.

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