Thazinto are actors who have acted together in hundreds of video films and have worked together in artistic careers as well. Hein Wayan and Soe Nee Thazinto, who were approved by the fans because they are so compatible, have not had a girlfriend or a girlfriend until now.

Yesterday, on September 17th, Soe Peng Thazin and Hein Wayanto attended the Sein Palace’s special market held in Mithila Myo. At the show, Hein Wayan performed an act asking Soe Peng Thazin to marry him at the request of host Ko Soe Gyi, which made the fans like this.

Hein Wayan and Soe Peng Thazinto acted like a girlfriend asking for marriage on stage, but the fans really wanted the two of them to fall in love. I think they will be delighted to see the acting of Hein Wayan and Soe Peng To