A deputy policeman who single-handedly tried to stop the Italian mob

”I was at the camp on the night of the Halloween party to be ready in case of any crime in the Italian Ward. Around 10:00 p.m. I got the news that there was an attack, so I went to the Italian road.” . . The person who said these words was Deputy Police Chief Kim Baek Jeong of the Italwan Police Station. To this day, he is still shaken by what he witnessed that night.

On the night of the Halloween party, Not a single word was said about crowd control in the previous days. When he entered the alley, the crowd did not increase. The crowd has already gathered under the small road that connects the main road and the bars.

So, to prevent the crowd from collapsing, Deputy Superintendent Kim shouted and warned people not to enter the road again. ”You will also see it in the video. I’m shouting for people to move to other places,” Kim said. That’s why the people of South Korea are praising his action. But Kim said he was sorry that he couldn’t do his best.


”I tried to help people and do my duty. But unfortunately I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t do my best. As a Korean police officer, he did not fulfill his duty. I’m very sad about that,” Kim said. According to a video circulating on social media, Kim is desperately shouting at people not to enter the lane. The scene also highlights the lack of police force in the Italian suburbs.

Even though Deputy Police Chief Kim works at the police station in the center of Italy, he was not assigned to the streets where the Halloween party was held that night. On the night of the Halloween party, more than 100,000 people celebrated on the streets of Italy, and more than 150 people lost their lives due to the stampede.

The mother of one of the victims of the Italy stampede thanked Deputy Chief Kim for his actions last Thursday. “I was so upset that I couldn’t even thank him,” said “Kim”.


South Korea’s police chief said he had received at least 10 calls about the stampede before the Italian truck stampede. The South Korean public is angry about the police response to the incident, and the bereaved families have called on the authorities to find a solution.

Last Wednesday, members of the special investigation raided 8 police stations around Seoul to look for evidence of how they responded. As information gradually emerges, it becomes increasingly clear that South Korean authorities did not plan ahead for crowd control and did not respond effectively to emergency calls.

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