About Robert Downey Junior And His Father Robert Downey Senior


Robert Downey Junior is no longer a familiar name. He played Ironman of the MCU. Everyone knows Robert Downey Junior, but I think Robert Downey Senior is less known. Robert Downey Senior is RDJ’s father and a famous filmmaker. Now, Netflix is ​​going to show a documentary about Robert Downey Senior.

This news was announced by Robert Downey Junior himself on social media. The name of the documentary is “Sr.” It is defined as Sr. It refers to Senior. How did Robert Downey Senior get around in New York? How did you become a famous filmmaker in Hollywood? How did he live in his down time? How was the relationship with Robert Downey Junior… etc. will be shown mainly.

Featuring RDJ himself as producer, “Sr.” It was directed by Chris Smith and will be available on Netflix on December 2 this year. Before showing on Netflix, it was screened at “Telluride Film Festival 2022”, “New York Film Festival 2022” and “AFI FEST” and received praise.

Not only Robert Downey Junior, but also those who want to know what his father Robert Downey Senior went through. For those who want to know more about Robert Downey Junior, it will be a good documentary to watch.

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