A Farm Of “Myrtles”


Now the house is St. Located in Francisville, it was built in 1976. It is one of the most haunted places in America.

There were 19 rooms in the mansion, and there were people who died from poisoning, people who died from gunshots, and there were murders due to disputes over inheritance.

A famous incident is about a maid named Chloe.

They say the landlord tried to exploit Chloe sexually. But Chloe did not accept it, so they cut off one of Chloe’s ears, and instead of keeping her at home, the owner of the house told her to send them to their place of work. The house was so big that there seemed to be many servants.

There, Chloe was afraid of being displaced, so she added poison to the cake that the landlord was going to eat. The house owner’s 2 children and his wife ate that cake, but the house owner did not eat it.

Chloe figured that if someone was needed to take care of the poisoned homeowners, she would step in. So she thought that she couldn’t go away anymore. Chloe’s big mistake was that when the poison she added was too much, the hostess and children who had just eaten Kate started dying. If the poison he added is a little bit, it doesn’t show much effect.

As soon as the other servants, who knew that Chloe had been poisoned, fearing that they would turn to them, they took Chloe in a mask and tied her neck to a tree in the courtyard.

Once, a teacher who visited this house was taking pictures of the mansion when she caught a girl staring at them in the mirror next to their back seat.


The image was so obvious that I gave the photo to paranormal investigator Dave Young. When Dave saw the photo, he showed it to the Society of Psychical Research, a group of other scholars

All of them say that this photo is real. On Google, you can search for clear photos and details of the camera. They said that it is impossible for such a camera to capture ghosts and spirits, but they accepted that the image was real.

Now the house is open for visitors and rooms have been prepared for those who are not afraid to spend the night

Those sleeping in the room said that they saw a young woman dressed in white in the room of the 2 little girls who had recently been poisoned and died. While they were sleeping, the woman’s face was staring straight ahead from the darkness. I have seen large heads hanging from the ceiling, and people rarely avoid that room

He said that sometimes he could smell a smell like tobacco in the middle of the night. In addition to that, at night in that house, you can still hear the sounds of wet shoes and walking on the road.

It’s not because only those who visit are haunted. A worker hired to look after the mansion was also dried. One day, while the worker was waiting at the gate, a woman dressed in white came in from the gate. Although he came through from where he was waiting and the worker called him.

There, I saw with the eyes of the worker that he entered the house without opening the door, and the next day he left for work.

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