A Record Of The Royal Tombs Located In Madalay Palace

Inside Mandalay Palace, there are many royal tombs of royal families.
The ‘Oaknan’ Building of Queen ‘Long Shal’, King Thibao’s mother, is only a place where the queen was buried.
A building built as one is.
The queen’s bones were loaded into the Irrawaddy River by boat.

Adjacent to the right side of the Oaknan building of queen ‘Long Shal’ is the Oaknan building of King Minton’s queen ‘Sinphyu Mashin’.

Since she was born in Nat Ywa in 1900, she has never been seen in photographs recorded since 1880.
Royal families and Kinwon Mingyi U Kaung buried the remaining royal clans together.

It is interesting because it is the actual building where the royal families’s body is located.

The Oaknan building adjacent to the queen’s right is King Minton’s
Oaknan building.
In this building, like ‘Sinphyu Mashin’ Oaknan, the body of the king was also buried.

So, it will be interesting to see what else is inside the two buildings besides the corpses, and white umbrellas.
Especially King Minton’s Oaknan, “whether there are any other valuable jewels of gold and silver?” , it is question for anyone interested in history, it’s a crazy fantasy.

On the far right is the mother of King Pagan and Queen Sinkara Devi. It is Kyun Oaknan of The queen of King Shwebo (Thayarawati Min), queen ‘Kyapin’. That is the place where the body is cremated.

Besides these Oaknans, there are 2 other Oaknans in the palace. They are the Queen of the South Palace of Minton and the Oaknan of the Queen of the North Palace.

But during Thipao’s reign, the queen of the North Palace is not of royal descent as it had gotten out by Queen Suphara Lat, the chief queen of King Thiao.
It is now gone because it was excavated and moved to the courtyard for that reason.

To the northeast of the ‘Mya Nangsan Kyaw’ Golden Palace, only Taung Saungtaw’s Oaknan, the queen of King Minton’s, was standing.

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