An employee of the Ghana team tried to take a selfie with Son Heung Min who was crying because of the result of the soccer match

The South Korean national football team played against Ghana on November 28. The moment that a staff member of the Ghana team tried to take a selfie with South Korean star player Son Heung Min, who is currently a rose that every girl likes, has become a topic of discussion among fans with various comments and questions.

Son Heung Min is not only one of the best players in South Korea’s football history, but also a famous player in British football club Tottenham Hotspur.


Every time the South Korean team participates in the FIFA World Cup, the famous player Son Heung Min has participated, and he has won the love of not only football fans but also K-Pop and K-Drama fans around the world.

The match between South Korea and Ghana was an exciting one, with both teams battling it out until the Ghanaian side scored the third winning goal.

But unfortunately, in the last minute, the South Korean team won a corner kick, but the referee refused to allow the kick and declared full time. The coach of the South Korean team, who came up early to allow the kick, received a red card. The South Korean team lost 2-3, and the defeat dropped them to the bottom of the Group H standings, making it unlikely that they would continue in the World Cup for much longer.


The South Korean players were in tears, and Son Heung Min also cried. Some of the staff members of the Ghana team were seen comforting him, and the moment one of them tried to take a selfie with Son Heung Min who was crying with his phone down was more funny than crying. It was hard to cry, hard to laugh, and the most talked about topic, along with the question ‘What’s the point of taking pictures?’

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