A Strange Blue Lake In The Town Of Wundang, Shan State

Many people in Myanmar know that Blue Water Lake is located in the village of Southern Shan State. It is one of the best places to visit in Shan State. Very beautiful and relaxing.

The width of the Blue Water Lake is about 70 feet, and no one can accurately say the depth of the Blue Water Lake.

As for the blue water lake, the water color changes to emerald blue depending on the sunlight.

A large lake in the vicinity of Blue Water Lake. There are many small ones, but the other lakes are only lakes with normal water color

Commonly known as Blue Water Lake, only the blue water lake of Mya Sabang is strangely blue and clear.

Location Of Blue Water Lake

It is located in the northernmost part of the midland region of Southern Shan State.

If you want to go to the blue lake, you have to go south along the village road – Aung Phang (15 miles) from the village.

After about 15 miles, on the right side of the road is Tosya Village, If you go about half a mile to the dirt road marked with a sign that says “Emerald Lake”, you will find a large blue lake with unusual dull blue-black-green color.

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