A Visit To Chin State After Reading The Book ‘ At The Top Of The Mountain’

I feel like visiting Chin State through the novel, as if I had visited Chin State once. For me, who loves to travel, it is true that reading the novel makes me feel like I am traveling.

There was a mixture of Ratha and Sutra, something to know and remember, and something to cherish.

As the saying goes, the Chin people who left the mountains to work in other countries to earn a living miss the beauty of the forests of their own Chin State. No matter how different their lives may be in the mountains, the hearts that value and love the mountains are the same.

Child, Phalam, Titin, Lamzan, Kat Hain Village, Ri Lake, Le Thang Kone, The Manipura River flowing between the mountains, Pine, rhododendron, cherry, poppy, sea ​​of ​​clouds Rare species of birds and animals that roam and graze naturally in the forest valley.

Knowledge to remember when traveling with eco-tourism, which is about environmental conservation, the way of living, eating and drinking business, education, job opportunities, And the researches left me addicted.

The Book : At The Top of The Mountains

Come to the other side of the mountains, a girl who wants to enjoy herself in the arms of the mountains.

The other side of the mountains
A girl who wants to explore. Born among the mountains, a boy who doesn’t want to be separated from the mountains

Visiting from the plains and between the mountains.
A cameraman who fell in love with a girl who was born with a four-part love story.

Traditional Chin foods such as sa bai rai bai rai and beef dishes l Pu Shein Shein delicious rhododendron wine l Mountain hong juice and the taste of rhododendron flower salad etc. About Chin region food.

If you want to go to the mountains of Chin State for a day, along with the beautiful Asepa Ri Lake, Leethangkone, and local names, about the purple poppies that grow regularly, the red spiky rhododendrons.

At the top of the mountains is the book that I want you to read the book andrefer you.

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