A Watery Grave Of No Return, Or The Bermuda Triangle

When you say “Bermuda Triangle“, you will see a place in the sea with no way back.

Airplanes, It’s a strange place where ships have come but disappeared by themselves, never to be rediscovered. Therefore, the Bermuda Triangle region is full of interesting things and there are still many unsolved puzzles, so I will share as much as I know.

In fact, Bermuda is located in the northwest part of the Atlantic Ocean, and to be precise, the Gulf of Mexico. Around the edge of the state of Florida and the Caribbean islands. It is called the Bermuda Triangle because it looks like a triangle.


The Bermuda Triangle area is not only the most terrifying of the world’s water graves, but also a mysterious and difficult to understand body of water.

Not only ships and people were lost in the waters of the area, The planes that flew across the sky from above the water were strangely lost. That is why the Bermuda Triangle area is referred to as the Crossroads of Death.

The first person to notice and record the place was Christopher Columbus. Christopher wrote in his book that on October 11, 1492, strange lights were found on the horizon, and he saw as if there were lights blazing in the sky, but it is not known whether these facts are true or not. No one could confirm.

Among the many things lost in the Bermuda Triangle area, a US warship was said to have been lost during World War I. According to the US Navy, the area was not included in the US geographical designations.

In fact, the term “Bermuda Triangle” was coined by geographer Vincent Bagherds in 1964 when he inadvertently used it in one of his articles.

After that, the ship that landed in that area, Airplanes are no longer heard of, and they seem to have disappeared, which is still a vexing problem even in this age of scientific advancement.

Only the very lucky ones have been able to recount their thrilling experience of crossing the Bermuda Triangle.

According to their stories, the planes that passed through that area felt like a boat on a wave, and the pilots could not see anything in front of them, and all the surrounding scenery disappeared.

Therefore, they said that they themselves could not know where they were. Experts considered that the Bermuda Triangle region was lost in time and space because all the equipment on the control panel in the plane’s cabin was also stopped.

In addition, it has been noted that the radio communication has not completely disappeared, and it has even appeared as a silent world. Some scientists have considered that such disappearances without a trace have occurred due to strong magnetic pull, while others have considered that it was absorbed by cosmic rays from space and disappeared into vapor.

Also, although there are speculations in the Bermuda region that there is a zero-gravity region called the neutrino field, none of this has been confirmed to date.

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