During the reign of Thipao, the last king of Kone Pao, the two daughters of Queen Sin Phu Mashin, My Naung Su Phura Gyi and Mya Taung Su Phura Gyi, took the vow of mahethi at the same time and each became a queen.

In this swearing-in ceremony, Mya Taung’s chief consort, Su Phaia Lat, secretly took her sister’s robe and wore it and took the oath. They have heard in the public’s ears that they are shamelessly extorted.

This is how it started to be written in a great book written by Master Dagon Khin Khin Lay to make people aware of Su Phu Pha Lat’s cleverness.

In fact, on October 30, 1878, about 1 month after King Thipao became king, he ordered that the two queens should be given the title of Agama Hethi and that they should cast the Maheti Beit. The nobles ordered it to be done within 6 days.

6 days later, when they arrived on November 6, 1878, two large chariots were parked in front of the Taungsom Palace for the two queens to ride.

Among them, the royal palace that was placed on the right side for Queen My Naung to ride on was the royal palace of Queen Khao Kyi Sinkara Devi, and the royal palace placed on the left for Queen Mya Taung Su Lat was the royal palace of the Queen of the Middle Kingdom (Sin Phyu Mashin).

At that time, it seems that Queen Mya Taung Su Pha Lat was living in the Taung Palace with King Thi Pao. Therefore, when Queen Mya Taung Sopha Lat left Taung Smoot Palace for Taung Smoot Palace, King Thipao also accompanied him. He went to the water fountain near Taung Smoot Palace and watched the swearing-in ceremony of the two queens.

After that, the two queens rode to the royal palace. When they arrived at the right palace, the two queens went to the Bamarathana throne placed in the Great Palace. First, Queen Mynaungsu sat on the right side of the throne, followed by her younger sister, Mya Taungsu, and they sat on the left side of the throne.

At that time, on the left side of the palace, The great Burmese actors, In the middle of the night, Mon and the night are playing music and dancing.

Inside the palace
In front of Bamarathana’s throne, 16 Brahmins, 8 on each side, were standing on the left and right. In the front part of the throne, some of the princes and princes who were not arrested at that time were crouched down, and in the back of the throne, the princes, nobles, His wives and daughters put on the ornaments that he received
They have to crouch down on the left and right.

It is a royal custom that women sit on the right side while men sit on the left side when eating on the left side.

When the two queens arrived on the throne, they exchanged vows, and the audience recited verses of the wedding anniversary. After that, Agma Hethi’s vow ceremony came to an end, and the two queens also entered, and the ceremony came to an end.

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