The “Lavender” Flower 


A long time ago, there was a princess who was secretly in love with a prince from a neighboring country. The princess used to go to each field to meet the prince. Lavender blossoms there.

While waiting like that, when she met the prince for the first time, he left without even looking at the princess. Of course, the princess’s heart is broken. But she persevered and opened up about her feelings, so she kept waiting.

So once again, the princess confessed her feelings, but the prince kissed her once and prepared to leave. The princess asked if he loved him, but the prince didn’t say a word and went back to his country. And so, not long after, the princes’ country began to go to war. The prince also went to war. Before leaving, I asked him if he loved her, and the prince just smiled again.

The princess spent days praying for the prince’s safe return. One day, news arrived that the prince’s country had won the war, but the prince had died in battle. Unable to take it anymore, the princess went to the field where they first kissed and stabbed herself to death.


What’s more sad at the end is that the prince is speechless. He loved the princess, but because he was mute, he couldn’t express his feelings, so he had to die. What’s worse, the princess doesn’t know that he doesn’t speak. Because of that, she died of grief without knowing that the prince loved her.

Therefore, the meaning of lavender in Korea is “Quiet, I will wait & Answer”.

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