The Most Mysterious Island And The Most Mysterious Tribe

I learned about the people of North Sentinel Island and Sentenelese Island in the Bay of Bengal between Myanmar and India, which no one knows for sure until now. Mainly, I got more interested from looking at the huge shipwreck that was left stranded on that island in 1977 after a shipwreck. If you want to see it, search for About Aground Ship in north sentinel island from Google Map.

The cargo shipwreck on North Sentinel Island that can still be seen on Google Maps


During the British rule of Myanmar and India, the prisoners of historical criminals who were sentenced to life imprisonment in India and Myanmar. Famous revolutionary prisoners were sent to Port Blair’s Cellular Jail on Andaman and Nicobar Islands or the famous Deep Water Jail near Kalapa.

Until now, no one has been able to accurately research Sentinel Island, and no one has been able to say exactly what is inside the island and how many barbarian tribes called Sentinelese there may be on that island. They only commented that the estimated population of the islanders could be anywhere from 30 to 500, and no one had ever spoken to them until now.

No other ethnic group in the world understands their language, and it is very difficult to learn and interact with them because no one knows them yet. During the Nargis period, the world thought that these ethnic groups would be wiped out due to the storm, but they dug up the remnants of the land and stayed underground during the storm and faced the storm, so they never went extinct.

Madhumala, the only woman who ever arrived on the island to do research with Triloknath Pandit’s group


Triloknath Pandit and his team from India, who had visited their island many times, and his team, had received gifts of coconuts in 1991. That’s hard work. As time passed, the barbarians of the island were determined to fight, so they had to turn back.

Triloknath Pandit and his team in 1991 while distributing coconuts, the only gift the islanders love


In January 2006, two Indian fishermen named Sunder Raj and Pandit Tiwari were fishing near the forbidden Sentinel Island, and when they boarded the island, the island’s barbaric tribesmen lost their lives. The Indian government strictly prohibits tourists from visiting the area and on the island, and police motorboats often patrol the area.

In November 2018, a news story started to appear on the face of the world’s journals. John Allen Chou’s handwriting and his obituary became world famous. John sneaked into the area where it was forbidden to spread Christianity and religion to the Sentinelese islanders, and lost his life trying to befriend the Sentinelese islanders, the most secretive human race in the world.

One day before John’s death, the final manuscript of his last will and testament, ordering the world and his people not to be angry with the islanders and not to turn a blind eye


The islanders did not accept him, and they executed him on 17.Nov.2018. In his will, John instructed his family members not to be angry and not to back down if his efforts had cost him his life at the hands of the Sentinelese islanders.

The last photo of John, who lost his life at the age of 26 because of the islanders


There was also a woman who had arrived on North Sentinel Island because of her comment, one of the reasons why the Indian government imposed a ban on visiting the area for strangers and those who would commit suicide.

Madhumala’s comment;

“The tribes of the islands do not need outsiders to protect them, what they need is to be left alone”

Based on the things that happened in the past, until today, no one is allowed to travel and no one is careful about them
Because no one knew about it, it is still the most mysterious tribe and secret island in the world.

Triloknath Pandit, who had tried many times to get close to the islanders, but only in 1991

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