Laytharsaung and Shoemakers In Palace

The palace is a palace where the King used to stay to protect himself from the scorching heat of the summer.

To protect from the heat of the Mandalay summer, the King tried to protect himself by placing green bamboo squash vines in this Letha palace and arranging jasmine flowers on it, and by drinking sugary drinks.

In this royal palace, there is a “Singkhathana Palin” made of conch shell and made of South pinna, and when the king and the monks consult on religious matters, they often come to this royal palace and stay. Even if foreign ambassadors want to enter the palace, they have to wait for the King at this Lethar palace.

Not only that, but 72 people selected from the sons and grandsons of princes and nobles of pure descent were appointed to the position of shoemaker and served in turn at this palace.

The shoe attendants take turns guarding the king’s jeweled shoes in this palace.

The jeweled shoes

Gold time 55 kyats 1 month
-16 kyats of gold,
-908 red stones
-54 emeralds
-Nine Navarats on each side

It has been specially planned.

Note. Now, the royal throne was not included in the Letha Palace, which was rebuilt in the Kyaw Shwe Palace during the Mya Dynasty, so the throne can no longer be seen today.

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